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Watching blockbusters at home

I spend all day interacting with strangers at work so when I finish up I like to chill out at home and watch a blockbuster movie. I have a really awesome theatre room that has a cinema-like experience. It's a great way to be able to chill out and I love to be able to invite people over for movie night. I am always looking at ways to make the experience even better, so I regularly update my audio visual equipment. This blog has some of my research into new audio visual items that you can use in home theatres. I hope it's useful for other people setting up their theatre room.

The Sweet Sound of Music

Buying new ear buds or headphones can be a headache, literally. Headphones, unlike ear buds, are more likely to give an authentic sound. Not to mention they have been a fashion statement since the 1980s. Still iconic and wildly popular, you can sport a retro or modern look but have hundreds of brands and types to choose from. There are in-ear headphones, over ear and on ear. There is a major gap in quality for headphones, so is dishing out the dollars worth it? A few things you should look for when purchasing the headphones of your dreams are sound isolation, frequency range, impedance and price.

How isolated can you get?

Sound isolation in headphones prevents outside noises from creeping in. This means no noticing the annoying sounds of construction outside your door ruining your favourite song. Additionally, noise isolation keeps your tunes from creeping outward. In the library, or on the bus, you're not bothering your neighbours. Open back headphones allow for a more natural sound as wound waves pass in and out of the speakers. Closed back headphones keep the sound booming through the speakers and directly into your ear canals.  No matter which type you prefer, it is recommended that you always test them out first to find your perfect match.

What is the frequency?

Frequency range is very important to the bass, and treble of your favourite beat. Anything within the 20Hz-20,000Hz range is considered great and is mandatory for most headphone brands. The wider the range of audio frequency, the wider the range of sounds and mids you can hear in a song, though it is not directly correlated to sound quality. However, frequency ranges often have static and muddled highs and lows.

The impedance of headphones

Impedance refers to the measurement of ohms handled by headphones and audio devices. When buying headphones, it is best you try to match your headphones with the audio device you will be using. If they have the same impedance, they will match your device perfectly for turning up and down the volume.

The price is right

With headphones, you most often do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, if the headphones are cheap, they will fall off your ears, fit uncomfortably, have poor frequency or exude your music outwards and outside noises inwards (terrible sound isolation). Think of your new headphones as an investment for you and your eardrums.