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Watching blockbusters at home

I spend all day interacting with strangers at work so when I finish up I like to chill out at home and watch a blockbuster movie. I have a really awesome theatre room that has a cinema-like experience. It's a great way to be able to chill out and I love to be able to invite people over for movie night. I am always looking at ways to make the experience even better, so I regularly update my audio visual equipment. This blog has some of my research into new audio visual items that you can use in home theatres. I hope it's useful for other people setting up their theatre room.

3 Questions to Ask a Video Agency for Best Results in Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important occasions in someone's life. As such, it is critical for you to capture the entire occasion and keep the memories for review whenever you want to re-live the moment. However, while trusting that an in-house camera person will help you to cut costs, sparing funds on your wedding day should not be the main objective. Hiring a professional with state-of-the-art video cameras and accessories will ensure the result is worth watching. That being said, other than the normal questions regarding cost, qualification and experience, there are a number of important questions that many people fail to ask, which would go a long way towards making the occasion a success. This article provides such questions for perspective during your wedding.

What Is Your Distribution Strategy? -- One of the most important questions that you should let the video agency clarify is how they plan to distribute the after editing and production. Since there are various video playback options today, it is critical that the final production be distributed on different platforms such as DVDs, VHS, and flash drives. This is because friends and families have different video playback devices from which they would like to watch your wedding. Therefore, the video agency you plan to hire should be willing to offer or distribute your wedding video on different platforms. Guests to your wedding will appreciate such a consideration.

Can I Watch? -- Many clients that hire video agencies fail to realize that they can ask to watch during the actual shooting. Although professional camera persons understand the importance of good camera work, usually they do not mind a client's input during the actual shooting. As such, you should ask the agency if you can assign someone the duty of watching for a second opinion. Such a person will assist in communicating your suggestions to the agency's staff; hence, leading to a more personalized video shoot.

Do You Offer Extra Services? -- Usually, video camera hire agencies have extra services that they offer upon request at no additional costs. Such services may include the incorporation of an intro, inclusion of voice-overs to lighten up the video, and addition of video effects. Therefore, you should make a point of asking the agencies on your shortlist what extra services are provided free of charge. If you find one that offers these, you will get to enjoy the niceties at no additional cost.