Watching blockbusters at homeWatching blockbusters at home

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Watching blockbusters at home

I spend all day interacting with strangers at work so when I finish up I like to chill out at home and watch a blockbuster movie. I have a really awesome theatre room that has a cinema-like experience. It's a great way to be able to chill out and I love to be able to invite people over for movie night. I am always looking at ways to make the experience even better, so I regularly update my audio visual equipment. This blog has some of my research into new audio visual items that you can use in home theatres. I hope it's useful for other people setting up their theatre room.

The Sweet Sound of Music

Buying new ear buds or headphones can be a headache, literally. Headphones, unlike ear buds, are more likely to give an authentic sound. Not to mention they have been a fashion statement since the 1980s. Still iconic and wildly popular, you can sport a retro or modern look but have hundreds of brands and types to choose from. There are in-ear headphones, over ear and on ear. There is a major gap in quality for headphones, so is dishing out the dollars worth it? Read More