Watching blockbusters at homeWatching blockbusters at home

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Watching blockbusters at home

I spend all day interacting with strangers at work so when I finish up I like to chill out at home and watch a blockbuster movie. I have a really awesome theatre room that has a cinema-like experience. It's a great way to be able to chill out and I love to be able to invite people over for movie night. I am always looking at ways to make the experience even better, so I regularly update my audio visual equipment. This blog has some of my research into new audio visual items that you can use in home theatres. I hope it's useful for other people setting up their theatre room.

Why You Need to Get Powered Amps to Make the Most Out Of Your AV Set-up

If you are an audiophile, high-quality sound is everything and you will want your home theatre setup to be as crisp and powerful as possible. Yet you may not be familiar with the options available as you configure your audio system and need to understand the difference between a receiver and an amplifier. What should you know before you get online and buy your equipment? Entry-Level Choice Most people, truth be told, may decide to get the cheapest option, known as an AV receiver. Read More