Watching blockbusters at homeWatching blockbusters at home

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Watching blockbusters at home

I spend all day interacting with strangers at work so when I finish up I like to chill out at home and watch a blockbuster movie. I have a really awesome theatre room that has a cinema-like experience. It's a great way to be able to chill out and I love to be able to invite people over for movie night. I am always looking at ways to make the experience even better, so I regularly update my audio visual equipment. This blog has some of my research into new audio visual items that you can use in home theatres. I hope it's useful for other people setting up their theatre room.

Top Tips for Choosing a Projector Screen

Home entertainment systems are going to the next level, and customers are no longer restricted to televisions. With home-based theatres becoming common, projectors are quickly replacing big-screen TVs as modern entertainment devices. However, since projectors are adaptable and can project on any flat surface, do you really need a screen? While a flat wall will suffice, specially designed screens offer superior image quality. Here are tips for choosing the right projector screen for your entertainment needs. Read More